The best suburbs to rent in Sydney for university students: a comprehensive guide (2023)

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Finding the perfect suburb to rent as a university student in Sydney is a crucial decision that can greatly impact your university experience. It’s essential to consider factors such as proximity to your university, affordability, lifestyle amenities, and transportation options. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top suburbs in Sydney for student renters, providing information on their proximity to universities and a detailed list of pros and cons for each suburb.

The top suburbs for University of Sydney students to rent

Choosing the perfect suburb to rent as a University of Sydney student can greatly enhance your overall university experience. From vibrant neighbourhoods to convenient transport links, each suburb offers a unique blend of advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s dive into the vibrant world of Sydney’s suburbs and explore the pros and cons of each.

When it comes to finding the best suburbs to rent near Sydney University for students, several neighbourhoods stand out for their proximity, amenities, and student-friendly atmosphere. Here are four suburbs worth considering.


Newtown is a vibrant and eclectic suburb located just a stone’s throw away from Sydney University. Known for its diverse community and lively atmosphere, Newtown offers a range of cafes, restaurants, and bars where students can socialise and unwind. The suburb also boasts excellent public transportation options, including multiple train stations and bus routes, making it easy to commute to and from the university.

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Situated close to Sydney University, Glebe charms with its boho vibe and Victorian-era terraces. Students will appreciate the neighbourhood’s picturesque parks, such as Bicentennial Park and Wentworth Park, providing serene spaces for relaxation and study breaks. Glebe’s dining scene is diverse, offering a plethora of international cuisines, while the famous Glebe Markets on weekends provide a vibrant space to explore and shop for unique finds.


With its close proximity to Sydney University, Redfern is a convenient choice for students. The suburb has undergone a revitalization in recent years, becoming a trendy destination known for its thriving food scene. Students will find an array of cafes and eateries to satisfy their cravings. Redfern also serves as a major transport hub, with Redfern Station providing excellent public transportation connections to all areas of Sydney from Bondi Junction in the East to Strathfield in the Inner West, making it easy to commute all across the city.

The best suburbs to rent in Sydney for university students: a comprehensive guide (1)


Adjacent to Sydney University, Camperdown offers a quieter and more residential atmosphere, perfect for focused study sessions. Students can enjoy the green oasis of Camperdown Park for leisure activities and relaxation. The suburb is well-serviced by local shops, supermarkets, and amenities to cater to students’ daily needs. While Camperdown has a more subdued nightlife scene, its proximity to the university and serene environment makes it an attractive choice for students seeking convenience and a peaceful living environment.

Whether you opt for the vibrant energy of Newtown, the bohemian charm of Glebe, the trendy appeal of Redfern, or the peaceful ambience of Camperdown, you’re sure to find a suburb that suits your needs and enhances your university experience.

Top suburbs for University of New South Wales students to rent

As a University of New South Wales (UNSW) student, finding the perfect suburb to rent is crucial for a well-rounded university experience. From convenient access to campus to vibrant lifestyle amenities, each suburb offers its own unique advantages and considerations.


Kensington is the main suburb surrounding the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Its close proximity to the university makes it a popular choice for students. The suburb offers a mix of residential areas, parklands, and commercial precincts. Kensington is well-connected to public transportation, with several bus routes and the upcoming light rail extension. Students can enjoy the nearby Centennial Park for outdoor activities and the vibrant dining scene along Anzac Parade.

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Adjacent to Kensington, Randwick is another top suburb for UNSW students. It is known for its lively atmosphere and a wide range of amenities. The suburb offers a diverse selection of cafes, restaurants, and shops along Belmore Road and Avoca Street. Randwick is home to the iconic Randwick Racecourse and the peaceful Centennial Parklands. With multiple bus routes and the upcoming light rail extension, transportation options are convenient for students residing in Randwick.


Located near the coast, Coogee is a beachside suburb popular among UNSW students. Living in Coogee offers a relaxed and coastal lifestyle with stunning beaches and ocean views. The suburb boasts a vibrant beachfront promenade lined with cafes, restaurants, and bars. Coogee is well-connected to UNSW via bus routes, making it convenient for students to commute. Additionally, the abundance of outdoor recreational activities and the community atmosphere make Coogee an appealing choice for students seeking a coastal living experience.


Maroubra, situated south of UNSW, offers a mix of residential areas and commercial hubs. The suburb is known for its laid-back beach culture and family-friendly environment. Maroubra Beach attracts surfers and beach enthusiasts, while the surrounding parks provide ample space for outdoor activities. Students can explore the diverse dining options and local amenities along Maroubra Road. With bus services connecting Maroubra to UNSW, students can easily access the university.

Whether you choose Kensington for its proximity, Randwick for its lively atmosphere, Coogee for its coastal lifestyle, or Maroubra for its family-friendly environment, you’re bound to find a suburb that enhances your university experience.

Top suburbs for University of Western Sydney students to rent

Finding the perfect suburb to rent as a University of Western Sydney (UWS) student is essential for a comfortable and enriching university experience. Each suburb offers its own unique advantages and considerations, from proximity to campus to lifestyle amenities and affordability.


Parramatta is a thriving suburb located near Western Sydney University’s Parramatta campus. As the economic and cultural centre of Western Sydney, Parramatta offers a diverse range of amenities, including shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The suburb is well-connected with multiple train and bus services, providing convenient transportation options for students. Parramatta Park, a large green space, offers a tranquil retreat for outdoor activities and relaxation.

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Situated at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Penrith is home to Western Sydney University’s Penrith campus. The suburb offers a mix of natural beauty and urban convenience. The suburb is well-serviced by train and bus services, ensuring easy access to the university.


Bankstown, located near Western Sydney University’s Bankstown campus, is a multicultural suburb with a strong sense of community. The area offers a wide range of amenities, including shopping centres, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Students can explore Bankstown’s diverse food scene. The suburb has good transportation links, with a train station and bus services connecting to the university and other parts of Sydney.


Campbelltown, situated in the Macarthur region, is home to Western Sydney University’s Campbelltown campus. The suburb combines natural beauty with modern conveniences. Students can explore the picturesque Dharawal National Park and enjoy outdoor activities. Campbelltown offers a variety of shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment options. The suburb is well-connected by train services, making it accessible for students commuting to the university.

Whether you choose Parramatta for its bustling city life, Penrith for its nearby bushwalks, Bankstown for its multicultural community, or Campbelltown for its balance of nature and convenience, you’ll find a suburb that enhances your university experience.

The best suburbs to rent in Sydney for university students: a comprehensive guide (2)

The best suburbs to rent for Macquarie University students

In this guide, we’ll explore the top suburbs near Macquarie University, highlighting their proximity to campus and providing insights into the pros and cons of each area. Whether you’re looking for convenience, tranquillity, or a lively atmosphere, there’s a suburb that’s just right for you.

Macquarie Park

Macquarie Park is a suburb located near Macquarie University, making it an excellent choice for students. The suburb is known for its thriving business district, which offers a range of employment opportunities. Students can benefit from the convenience of having shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment options close by. Macquarie Park also boasts beautiful green spaces, such as Lane Cove National Park and the nearby Macquarie University Lake. The area is well-served by public transportation, with a train station and multiple bus routes connecting students to the university and other parts of Sydney.



Marsfield is a peaceful residential suburb adjacent to Macquarie University. It offers a serene and quiet environment, perfect for students who prefer a more tranquil lifestyle. The suburb is characterized by leafy streets and parks, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and outdoor activities. Marsfield is also close to Macquarie Shopping Centre, where students can find a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. With bus services connecting Marsfield to the university and nearby areas, students can easily access their campus.


Epping, located a short distance from Macquarie University offers a range of amenities, including supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, catering to students’ daily needs. Epping also features beautiful parks, such as Boronia Park and Eastwood Park, where students can unwind and enjoy nature. The suburb is well-connected by train services, providing convenient access to the university and other parts of Sydney.


Ryde is a diverse and multicultural suburb in close proximity to Macquarie University. It offers a mix of residential areas, commercial centres, and recreational facilities. The suburb is known for its shopping precincts, including Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, which offers a wide selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. Students can also enjoy the nearby Ryde Park and Lane Cove National Park for outdoor activities. Ryde is well-served by public transportation, with bus services connecting to the university and surrounding areas.

These suburbs surrounding Macquarie University provide a range of options for students looking to rent. Each suburb offers its own unique advantages and lifestyle. Consider factors such as proximity to the university, amenities, transportation, and the atmosphere that aligns with your preferences. Whether you choose Macquarie Park for its business district, Marsfield for its tranquillity, Epping for its vibrant town centre, or Ryde for its multicultural charm, you’re sure to find a suburb that enhances your university experience.

Finding the best suburb in Sydney to rent as a student involves considering factors such as proximity to universities, affordability, amenities, and transportation options. Each suburb has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Newtown and Glebe offer vibrant atmospheres and proximity to the University of Sydney and UTS, but they can be crowded and have higher rental prices. Randwick and Kensington provide convenient access to UNSW but may have higher rental costs and limited nightlife. Chippendale offers a booming arts scene but has limited green spaces. Paddington and Redfern are charming suburbs with transforming neighbourhoods, while Parramatta, Ashfield, and Hurstville offer more affordable options outside the city centre.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and priorities. Consider your budget, lifestyle preferences, and proximity to your university when making a decision. Researching each suburb thoroughly, visiting the areas, and talking to locals or fellow students can provide valuable insights. By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each suburb, you can find the ideal place to rent and create an enjoyable and convenient living experience during your time as a student in Sydney.

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Where do most students live in Sydney? ›

North Ryde. North Ryde, one of Sydney's most livable neighbourhoods, is home to families, working professionals, and students. The region is incredibly handy to reside in because it includes several parks, food stores, and shopping centres.

What is the best area to live in Sydney? ›

The best places to live in Sydney
  • The Rocks. This area is close to the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. ...
  • Potts Point. Just a few kilometres from the CBD, Potts Point is a lively and central place to live, and apartments here often have stunning views of Sydney Harbour. ...
  • Newtown. ...
  • Manly. ...
  • Parramatta. ...
  • Blacktown.

What suburb is University of Sydney in? ›

Camden Campus

Camden is in the Sydney metropolis and part of the growth area in Sydney's south western suburbs. Farms and research facilities that make up our Camden campus include: The University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Where is the best place to live in the eastern suburbs of Sydney? ›

Eastern suburbs, Bondi, Coogee, Clovelly, Randwick, Woollahra, Queens Park, Rose Bay, Vaucluse and Waverley offer beaches, parks, amenities, local schools, playgrounds, and is close to the Sydney Children's Hospital. They're also considered some of the safest suburbs but come with a high price tag.

Where do most Americans live in Sydney? ›

Western Sydney is particularly popular with American expats, while the Northern Beaches Area is great for families.

Where do most international students go in Australia? ›

Best Cities in Australia to Live in for International Students
  • Melbourne. With an impressive #6 placement on QS Top Universities' round-up of best student cities, Melbourne has a lot going for it. ...
  • Sydney. ...
  • Brisbane. ...
  • Adelaide. ...
  • Perth. ...
  • Canberra. ...
  • Gold Coast.

What is the safest suburb to live in Sydney? ›

Safest suburbs in Sydney
  1. Berowra Heights & Berowra Waters. The new Warrina Street Oval playground in Berowra Heights. ...
  2. Beecroft. In 2022, Beecroft recorded 57 serious offences from a postcode with a population of 12,458. ...
  3. Cherrybrook. ...
  4. West Pennant Hills. ...
  5. Fairlight. ...
  6. Wahroonga. ...
  7. St Ives. ...
  8. Avalon Beach.
Mar 21, 2023

What are the most in demand suburbs in Sydney? ›

Top 5 Suburbs in Summer
  1. Bondi. With a world famous beach, Bondi is the top region in Sydney for Airbnb rental demand over the Summer in Sydney. ...
  2. Manly. ...
  3. North Sydney. ...
  4. Coogee. ...
  5. Surry Hills.
Feb 24, 2023

What is the most educated suburb in Sydney? ›

The neighbourhood of North Sydney-Lavender Bay had Sydney's highest proportion of adults with a bachelor's degree or higher, at 56 per cent. Next were Rhodes and Crows Nest-Waverton (both 54 per cent). Parramatta North was in the top 10 with 52 per cent of adults holding a degree.

Which university in Sydney has the best campus? ›

Top 3 universities in Sydney
  • University of Technology Sydney.
  • UNSW Sydney.
  • University of Sydney.

What is the No 1 university in Australia? ›

1. Australian National University (ANU)

Which American city is Sydney most like? ›

Coastal Location: Like Sydney, San Francisco is situated on the coast, offering beautiful waterfront views and a maritime atmosphere.

What is the healthiest suburb in Sydney? ›

Roseville, Mosman and Mount Kuring-Gai were top of the list. They did not score well for active transport, but ranked highly for access to open space, volunteering, tree cover, access to health services and had a low density of fast food and bottle shops.

Where do most immigrants go to in Australia? ›

50.6% of Sri Lankan-born, 50.1% of Turkish-born, 49.4% of Greek-born and 41.6% of Italian-born Australian residents lived in Victoria. Western Australia, with 528,827 overseas-born residents, had the highest proportion of foreign-born population.

How can I move to Sydney from USA? ›

People who are interested in moving to Sydney can be considered for a skilled migration visa by submitting an EOI, an expression of interest, through SkillSelect. Afterwards, these applicants are placed in a pool, and some of them are nominated by an Australian employer or state government.

Is Sydney expensive than USA? ›

Ans. The cost of living in Australia is on an average 0.99% higher than the United States. However, the accommodation rent is on an average 24.90% lower than the USA.

Is USA or Australia better for international students? ›

Conclusion: Both Australia and the USA offer excellent opportunities for international students to pursue their education and career goals. When choosing between the two countries, consider factors such as the cost of living, availability of scholarships, quality of education, and job prospects.

What is the best city to live in Australia as a student? ›

The major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are popular choices for international students, while regional cities such as Wollongong, Hobart, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra offer a more relaxed study experience.

Which city is cheapest for international students in Australia? ›

Check out the top 7 cheapest cities together with the estimated weekly living expenditure and the recommended universities below!
  • Darwin, Australia Northern Territory.
  • Perth, Western Australia. ...
  • Hobart, Tasmania. ...
  • Gold Coast, Queensland. ...
  • Brisbane, Queensland. ...
  • Canberra, The Australian Capital Territory. ...

What are the disadvantaged suburbs of Sydney? ›

The least advantaged place in Sydney (for the third census running) is Claymore (2559), which is located in the Campbelltown council area and contains a lot of public housing.

What is a good affordable suburb in Sydney? ›

Westmead. Westmead is one of the safest and most affordable suburbs in Sydney. Long established as family friendly, Westmead households are mostly couples with children and there are several well-regarded schools. Families seeking lower-density housing should consider south of the train station.

What are the quietest suburbs in Sydney? ›

Meanwhile, Sydney's quietest suburbs include North Kellyville, which has an average noise level of 40 decibels, Varroville and Maroota (42 decibels) and St Ives Chase (45 decibels).

What suburbs will boom in Sydney? ›

Sydney's Top 5 for price growth

Shore Financial's State of Sydney Report found the top five suburbs for each quintile (as defined by current median asking prices) for price growth, with the quintiles being Heartland Sydney, Suburban Sydney, Rising Sydney, Professional Sydney, and Affluent Sydney.

Where do rich people live in Sydney? ›

Bellevue Hill — $8,750,000

Living in the most expensive area in Sydney comes with a hefty price tag and the median sits at an eye-watering $8.75 million, whereas units average $1.637 million. If you would like to rent a home in Bellevue Hill, get your money bags ready.

What is the fastest growing suburb in Sydney? ›

Blacktown has the fastest growing population in Sydney and the second fastest growing suburb population across Australia, according to a new report, with many buyers favouring the area for its larger land sizes and affordable homes.

What are the most polluted suburbs in Sydney? ›

The harbourside district of Mosman, parts of the eastern suburbs and the Blue Mountains are among the most lead-polluted areas in greater Sydney, with new data revealing the city's toxic footprint extends well beyond the industrial inner west.

What town in NSW has the lowest crime rate? ›

If you're looking for Sydney's safest suburbs, areas like Darling Point and Manly have some of the lowest crime rates.

What town in Australia has the lowest crime rate? ›

6 Safest Cities in Australia
  • Sydney, Australia.
  • Melbourne, Australia.
  • Brisbane, Australia.
  • Perth, Australia.
  • Adelaide, Australia.
  • Canberra, Australia.

Which suburb in Sydney has the most Muslims? ›

Islamic denominations in Australia
  • Most Australian Muslims are Sunni, with Shia, Sufi and Ahmadiyya as minorities.
  • In Sydney, adherents of the Sunni denomination of Islam are concentrated in the suburb of Lakemba and surrounding areas such as Punchbowl, Wiley Park, Bankstown and Auburn.

What is the most culturally diverse suburb in Sydney? ›

Lidcombe is the most culturally diverse suburb in NSW

Among the greater Sydney area, Lidcombe scores the lowest HHI which means it proudly can call itself the most culturally diverse area.

Which suburbs in Sydney have the fastest growing population? ›

Fastest-growing regions in Greater Sydney 2019-2022
Statistical Area 32022 Dec ERPChange2019-2022
Blacktown - North147,30030,100
Bringelly - Green Valley147,40021,700
Rouse Hill - McGraths Hill60,50017,500
4 more rows
Jan 18, 2023

Which is the best student accommodation University of Sydney? ›

Some of the most loved University of Sydney student housing properties are Urbanest Darlington, Urbanest Glebe, Sydney University Village, and Forest Lodge. These come with A1 maintenance, security and all the amenities you can dream of with plush and chic-interiors. Ready to book University of Sydney accommodation?

What is the hardest university to get into in Sydney? ›

1. University of Sydney. The University of Sydney was established over 200 years ago and has since produced five Nobel Laureates and seven Australian Prime Ministers. However, getting into the University of Sydney is no walk in the park.

What is the easiest university to get into in Sydney? ›

Which Australian University is the Easiest to Get Into? As you already know, La Trobe University has the highest acceptance rate. It will be easy for international students to get into this university. However, alongside this educational institute, all the universities mentioned in this content offer easy entrance.

What is the Harvard of Australia? ›

The Harvard Club of Australia is affiliated with the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) and has chapters in NSW, ACT, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

Are Australian universities better than US universities? ›

Students in Australia focus on one or two subject areas, while college students in the US study more topics and often explore concepts outside their major. If university rankings are important to you, the United States might be a better choice. US colleges account for 29 of the top 50 universities ranked globally.

Which is better Sydney or Melbourne? ›

We're here to answer the question, Should I Visit Melbourne or Sydney? Both cities offer a unique Australian flavour, yet they are so different. Melbourne is considered the cultural capital of the country, while Sydney's undeniable landscapes, weather and nature always remains an allure to travellers.

Which suburbs in Sydney are most educated? ›

The neighbourhood of North Sydney-Lavender Bay had Sydney's highest proportion of adults with a bachelor's degree or higher, at 56 per cent. Next were Rhodes and Crows Nest-Waverton (both 54 per cent). Parramatta North was in the top 10 with 52 per cent of adults holding a degree.

Is Sydney a good place to live for students? ›

When you study in Sydney, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that you're in one of the safest places in Australia. In fact, Sydney was ranked the fourth safest city in the world in 2021! Education providers also take significant measures to ensure the safety of their students.

Where do middle class live in Sydney? ›

The top five
2AshburyInner West
3WarriewoodNorthern Beaches
1 more row
Dec 13, 2021

What types of housing are most common in Sydney? ›

Terraced homes are generally found in the inner-city areas of Sydney and Melbourne but also in some historical regional cities. A terraced home is one that is a part of a street, where the properties sit next to one another, sharing side walls in a consistent row and usually with identical facades.

What is Sydney most popular suburb? ›

16 Feb Top Ten Most Popular Sydney Suburbs In 2022
1.BirchgroveInner West
2.CastlecragNorth Shore
3.AnnandaleInner West
4.LilyfieldInner West
7 more rows
Feb 16, 2023

How much do international students need for living in Sydney? ›

As a student visa holder, you will be required to have approximately AUD$21,041 per person per year for living expenses, as advised by the Australian Government. However, the actual cost depends on your individual lifestyle and you should budget for approximately AUD$25,900 per year per adult.

How much does it cost to live in Sydney for international students? ›

For students, the average cost of living in Sydney ranges from AU$ 1,985 to AU$ 2,216 per month. While this may seem like an expensive affair at first, understanding each of your expenses individually will significantly help in setting the right budget. Looking For Accommodation?

What is the happiest suburb in Sydney? ›

Add water views, access to top class beaches and prestigious private schools, and you've got a winning combination. According to the Urban Living Index, Crows Nest is the most liveable suburb in Sydney.

What is the average house rent in Sydney? ›

The average weekly rent for a house in Sydney is a record high of about $560 per week. The average typical weekly rent for apartments and houses that Australians spend is about $480.

What is the average housing cost in Sydney? ›

It is the first quarterly increase in a year, and leaves the median price 8.4 per cent below its early 2022 peak. Unit prices increased 0.7 per cent over the three months to March, to a median of $758,664 – 5.5 per cent below their late 2021 high.

What is the demand for housing in Sydney? ›

Sydney leads the housing value upturn nationwide, increasing 1.3 per cent in April and is leading the positive turn in housing conditions with dwelling values rising each month since February, according to CoreLogic Home Value Index (1/5/2023).


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